The rate for a fifty minute session is $110. While Children’s Play Therapy is not “in network” with any insurance companies, you may be entitled to partial reimbursement for services if you have “out of network mental health benefits” for your child. If you are interested in using your insurance, please contact your insurance company to find out if they will cover a percentage of the cost of therapy conducted by an “out of network therapist.”

If you do have “out of network mental health benefits” for your child, and would like to use them, please know that you will be responsible for paying Children’s Play Therapy for services. Then, once a month, I will provide you with a superbill that you submit to your insurance company for partial reimbursement. This superbill will include a mental health diagnosis for your child.

Unfortunately, if your child has Oregon Health Plan, they do not have out of network mental health benefits.

If you prefer either in person or video chat services, please let me know. I am happy to take into consideration your preference. At this time, play therapy is the only service that must be conducted in person.

It isn’t uncommon for one parent to be skeptical of, or downright oppose the idea of support. Before moving forward, I recommend that both parents be open to the idea of therapy or parenting consultation. Many times, the reluctant parent comes to understand the value after the initial consultation.

If you are divorced and have sole legal custody of your child, it is your right to independently seek counseling for your child. However, it is always best if both parents are informed and supportive of the process.

If we determine that play therapy is the best avenue for your family, I am happy to see both/all children for individual sessions. I do not see siblings for joint play therapy sessions, as it is important for each child to have individual processing space.

If we determine that holistic parenting consultation would better serve your family’s needs, we will create a structure that allows a discussion of all your children.

If you reside outside of Portland, Oregon, please connect to see if holistic parenting consultation would be appropriate for your family. My goal is to ensure that location does not limit one’s access to quality services.

If your child has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or if you suspect ADHD, I will conduct a virtual assessment with you and your child to determine the appropriate course of treatment. In many cases, I recommend my online holistic parenting consultation that includes functional nutrition counseling. During or after consultation services, I may also recommend that we begin Theraplay, a type of play therapy that is effective for children struggling with motivation, focus, and impulse control.

With ADHD, it is essential to begin with brain health…All the therapy in the world will hardly make an impact if the child is not receiving the nutrients and lifestyle factors that will contribute to optimal functioning.

After my intake session and virtual assessment of you and your child, I will determine whether Synergetic Play Therapy or Theraplay (or a combination of both) will be most effective. While Synergetic Play Therapy allows the child to tell their story through child-led metaphoric play and to process unresolved trauma, Theraplay helps the child to strengthen their attachment and relationship with others. Holistic parenting consultation is often part of this treatment plan when parents are needing additional support with the day-in-and-day-out struggles of raising a child with attachment issues.

In some cases, children who have experienced divorce need to tell their story in order to process emotions under the surface. Children communicate their deepest feelings via metaphoric play, and I am experienced in facilitating this metaphoric storytelling in a way that transforms the child’s pain into healing. If your child is in need of this outlet, it will be most beneficial for them to begin Synergetic Play Therapy. If they are an internal processor, or feels uncomfortable with the idea of therapy, I may recommend holistic parenting consultation to address your concerns in a different forum and to provide recommendations. This determination will be made in collaboration with you after our virtual intake and parent/child interaction assessments.

There are various types of trauma, and the type of treatment I choose depends on what your child has experienced. For many children, Synergetic Play Therapy is the most effective form of treatment… But if your child has had a history of relational trauma that is affecting her attachment with you, as is common in adoptees, I may recommend Theraplay. We will discuss treatment suggestions after our virtual intake and assessment sessions.

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